Black Widow

‘Black Widow’ Movie Still Happening, Finds Writer

Marvel Studios has been pretty much been wiping the floor with DC films in every category except for one: films starring a female lead. DC’s one and only film that has both been critically acclaimed and a box office success, Wonder Woman, paved the way for Marvel to have a female lead superhero film with the upcoming Captain Marvel. Athough Carol Danvers isn’t the only Marvel leading lady.

According to TheWrap, not only is a Black Widow movie starring Scarlett Johansson on the way but it has found a writer in Jac Schaeffer, best known for her work in NBC’s The Blacklist. This film seems long overdue given that Johansson has been playing the character for about 8 years now and with the controversy generated by the lack of toys for the character with the Avengers films.

No production start or release dates have been announced but we’ll keep you posted as soon as new information comes to light.

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