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‘Justice League’ Review

Spoilers for Justice League follow

DC movies have been quite divisive and controversial to say the least. Justice League is no exception, similar to Batman V Superman, the film is being trashed by critics but praised by fans. I tried my best to keep an open mind while watching this film, evoking my childhood memories of watching Batman Forever and Batman & Robin in the theater and actually enjoying them. Those films where childish and I was at that point their target audience, a child.

It is well known and documented how troubled the production for this film was, having gone through a switch of directors and some last minute reshoots and it shows. The film does seem like several pieces of a puzzle rather than a cohesive unit. The script is hit and miss. Some lines a laughably bad, particularly during the first hour. The first few scenes involving some Superman phone footage and a musical montage of everything that’s wrong with the world is cringe worthy. The film might take the trophy for lamest disposal of a villain ever but, hey, at least they let Wonder Woman deliver the final blow (to his axe, he gets eaten by his own minions). The CGI was terrible, more specifically every scene with Cyborg. The way they handled Superman’s return from the dead was weird but the film even acknowledged it with some pretty self conscious jokes referencing Stephen King.

Now, to the better parts. Let’s just say every time Ezra Miller’s The Flash opened his mouth it was pure magic. Hopefully he gets his own stand alone film before they rush to Flashpoint, can’t have enough of that character (seriously, I cracked up every time he spoke). Jason Momoa’s Aquaman was fine and that Atlantis tease did get me excited for his solo film. I’ve read and heard complaints about the fight scene. I guess I’m part of the minority of people that actually enjoyed them. There is a scene at the beginning of the film where Batman goes after a goon played by Holt McCallany (Mindhunter) that gave me a very Batman: The Animated Series vibe. During the final boss fight Superman delivers a combo on Steppenwolf straight out of Injustice. A few moments of Wonder Woman’s fight with the same villain also felt like that particular video game.

My favorite aspect of the movie was definitely Danny Elfman’s score which included nods to the particular themes of each superhero. Everything about Steppenwolf was bad but at least that made it more enjoyable to see the team together beating the crap out of him.

The bottom line: Was it well written and cohesive? No. Was it fun? For the most part. If you like comic books and DC characters in particular you will enjoy this film to some degree. If you don’t, I don’t think it’s likely.

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