Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor Gets a Wardrobe Update

As may have already heard (most likely because of the sexist backlash it triggered) the 13th Doctor will be portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, who happens to be female. On the introductory clip that was released back in July we just saw her wearing pretty much Capaldi’s clothes. Today, the BBC has shown us via Twitter […]

Thor: Ragnarok

‘Thor Ragnarok’ Review

I remember the moment it was announced, Taika Waititi would be directing the third Thor movie. I was freaking out, I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Waititi since the Flight of The Conchords and Eagle vs Shark days so, full disclaimer, this review might be a little biased because of […]

Lion King

Beyoncé Will Voice Nala In ‘The Lion King’

The voice casting for Jon Favreau’s “live action” take on Disney’s The Lion King has been pretty spot on so far with the Donald Glover as Simba, James Earl Jones reprising Mufasa, Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen as Timon and Pumbaa respectively and John Oliver as Zazu Today Disney has announced that none other that […]

Stranger Things

Our ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Recap

The wait was finally over this past Friday and all 9 episodes of Stranger Things Season 2 dropped on Netflix. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with the latest developments in Hawkins I suggest you come back to this post later because it will be spoiler filled. Right off the bat the […]


Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Spoiler Free Review

I have to come clean. I wasn’t too sure this movie would work given the subject and that a movie with a similar premise and concept came out just 3 years ago. Boy, have I ever been more wrong. Coco is the prettiest and most visually stunning Pixar film to date. The attention to detail […]