Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Spoiler Free Review

I have to come clean. I wasn’t too sure this movie would work given the subject and that a movie with a similar premise and concept came out just 3 years ago. Boy, have I ever been more wrong. Coco is the prettiest and most visually stunning Pixar film to date. The attention to detail is mesmerizing.

Sure, the film seems to cater to a very specific audience but the themes it approaches are quite universal: love for family, love of music and most importantly love for our dearly departed. I was concerned going in that the film might depict Mexican culture, traditions and tropes in a laughable manner. It does the exact opposite, as a Mexican I can vouch for the film’s accuracy of the scenes involving family interactions which is a huge win for project like this one.

The story mainly centers on a boy coming of age and understanding the importance of things he takes for granted while pursuing his dreams. Coco’s music is also one of its greatest strengths, handled wonderfully by the great Michael Giacchino. The film’s constant references to Mexican culture and folklore feel like subtle nods for those of us who can understand the references but aren’t too tongue in cheek or alienating for other audiences.

Overall, Coco is a must see film for everybody and quite possibly one of the greatest entries by the animation giant yet. Also, a real tearjerker so make sure to bring enough tissues.

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